Cromwell’s Award-Winning Mural: ‘Past, Present and Future’.

This award-winning mural represents Cromwell’s shared ideas about what it thinks makes living and visiting here so unique and special.

Public artist Andrew Price led the mural project with support from the Cromwell & District Community Trust.  He received funding for the project from Transpower, Cromwell Community Board and Creative NZ.

A special thank you goes to Fulton-Hogan for assisting with traffic management and site safety. In addition, Andrew thanks the schools and their students for their essential involvement - it couldn’t have been done without you!

Students from Cromwell and Goldfields Primary Schools and year ten students from Cromwell College have helped to focus and to co-create the mural with Andrew.

‘Recycling Central’ Mural, Waste-Busters, Alexandra, New Zealand.

During REAP’s six week art programme, facilitated by Andrew Price, children worked to produce a mural that reflected the world they live in.

Working with Andrew and ‘Al fresco’ restaurant, who have sponsored this painting, students worked to a brief and followed a design-process that involved brainstorming ideas, creating early sketches and designs, and selection of ideas and work to be included in the mural. The brief demanded that we produce a painting that would suit a mediterranean style restaurant.

Students were involved in every stage of production from the very beginning; they were sanding wood, applying gesso, sanding gesso, applying primer - learning about all stages of preparation before the fun painting could begin.

REAP, Andrew, and the children he taught thank ‘Al Fresco’ restaurant for their support and sponsorship.

Karen and Hadar Orkirbi have bought the painting of Andrew, who has donated profit from this work to Community House’s art programmes.

Karen and Hadar are excited and proud to exhibit the artwork produced by local school children and Andrew’s help.

Andrew Price is an award-winning muralist and artist responsible for public artworks across the region and South Island.